Yeedi Vac Terminal testimonial: An economical self-emptying robot vac that additionally mops

yeedi vac station review

“Yeedi’s latest offering is a remarkably cost-effective choice for those that intend to jump on the self-emptying robotic vacuum pattern.”

yeedi vac max Robot Vacuum and Mop

yeedi vac max Robot Vacuum and Mop
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Boasts a 3000Pa industry-leading suction power and 4-stage cleaning system, yeedi vac max sweeps up pet hair, crumbles, dirt and debris like a hurricane.
Boasts a 3000Pa industry-leading suction power and 4-stage cleaning system, yeedi vac max sweeps up pet hair, crumbles, dirt and debris like a hurricane.
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Self-emptying robotic vacuums are all the rage, and Yeedi has actually gotten on the pattern with its Yeedi Vac terminal. This robot sponges, vacuum cleaners, as well as self-empties its dustbin, giving regarding thirty days of automated cleansing prior to you have to swap out its dust bag.

It additionally maps space designs to allow customized cleansing, and also it supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistant, making it an attractive option for people that do not desire to cost a fortune for the deluxe of fully automated flooring cleansing.

Both the robotic and its auto-empty station are finished in matte white. There’s a 3D aesthetic SLAM camera ahead that the robotic uses to map your space for much more reliable cleansing routes. Under a cover, there’s a.45-liter dustbin as well as storage space for a brush-cleaning tool. Beneath, there’s a roller brush, a side brush, as well as a.24-liter water tank that disperses water to the wiping cloth.

The auto-empty terminal shops a 2.5-liter nonreusable dust bag that can hold about thirty days of collected dirt and also debris. The terminal increases as the robotic’s charging dock; the robot can run for as much as 200 minutes before returning right here to charge its battery.

The auto-empty terminal calls for a little assembly. You need to slot the terminal right into the docking plate and safeguard it with 3 screws provided in the box. When that’s done, you require to affix the spinning side brush to its blog post under the robot.

yeedi vac station review
yeedi vac station review

While you can start a cleaning work just by pressing the auto clean switch on top of the robotic, pairing it with its companion application will allow you to benefit from functions like space mapping as well as scheduling. The application motivates you through this process, which requires you to scan the QR code on the robot with your phone’s electronic camera and also a created QR code on your phone with the robotic’s video camera. Entirely, obtaining the Yeedi prepared to tidy took around 10 minutes.

The robot’s very first cleaning of my downstairs degree didn’t go particularly smoothly. Rather of withdrawing its dock as it should, it looked to its right and rolled off the side a clunky maneuver akin to driving your auto over a curb after that crashed a whole lot of furnishings as it checked out the area. Eventually, it resolved down right into a much more effective up as well as down pattern.

As it cleans, you can track its motions on a map of the floor space in the app. It takes 3 to five cleanings for the robot to build an exact and also a full map, however as soon as it does, you can section the room into cleansing areas as well as set no-mop areas as well as virtual boundaries.

The robot supplies 3 suction toughness with an optimal power of 3000Pa. In an auto-clean setting, it instantly (and also audibly) enhances its suction when it recognizes carpet. It did excellent work sucking up dirt and animal hair from carpetings as well as plastic slab flooring during my screening. As soon as the robotic finishes a cleaning job or its dustbin is full, it goes back to its dock and the auto-empty terminal draws the contents from the dustbin.

If you don’t intend to make use of the auto-empty feature if you purchased the Yeedi Vac Max, which doesn’t come with the self-emptying charging, however, can update later ($ 350 on Amazon) you can turn that feature off in the application.

yeedi vac station review
yeedi vac station review

The wiping function suffices for preserving the floor in between more extensive cleaning with a stick wipe. For these tasks, you load the water tank and also affix among the provided microfiber towels, at which aim the robot voice punctual allows you to understand it has actually gotten in wiping mode. The robotic drags the dampened towel throughout the flooring as it moves, grabbing many surface area gunk yet leaving deeper dirt behind.

The Yeedi application keeps things easy with a tidy, minimal interface. It presents the current map as well as cleaning details with a scrolling overlay that provides one-tap accessibility to cleaning documents, suction choices, scheduling, and cleansing choices. The application isn’t as innovative as some of Yeedi’s rivals’, however, it gives all the crucial controls as well as is very easy to make use of.


The Yeedi Vac Station provided remarkable outcomes as well as made the difficult task of keeping my floorings free from pet hair as well as dirt an entire lot much easier. It’s an excellent alternative for anybody that intends to appreciate the deluxe of automated floor cleansing, in addition to anybody for whom popping open a dustbin can trigger allergic reactions or another level of sensitivities. If you want something with advanced capabilities and also are prepared to spend fairly a little bit a lot more, iRobot’s iRobot Roomba s9+ can conserve approximately 10 layouts and be related to iRobot’s Braava Jet m6 robot wipe for tandem cleaning.

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